Snaps from Ginger Girl

If you are an an intuitive, an observer, a goddess, a budget Home Decor DIYer and an elementary art teacher. Join me as I finally celebrate retirement. I finally have the time to explore those things left to the side for so long.

Art Doll Creations

Deciding to create an art doll was quite an accomplishment. I just threw myself into it. Did I know what I was doing? Did I know what medium I would do it with? Not a clue whatsoever. This is how I do most things. I go bull dosing into this project and get my hands all dirty, poke around and poke around on the internet and extreme trial and error. I started with polymer clay. That was a nightmare. My sculpting skills are horrible, to say the least. Thank you craft gods for push molds. I finally had to sit back and go way back to my college days of starting with a plan: theme? what am I trying to say with the work? How will I evoke this through imagery? I then needed to really push back against my wall of thinking nothing I will create will be good enough for ANY viewer. This was bad. This was bad for me. I had to believe that I create for me. If someone else enjoys it, great.So I have made a handful of dolls. I am seeing growth, I am seeing my evolution as a creator. This is what speaks to me. It has to speak to me.

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