When I embraced my gift over a year ago I was on the fence about blindly accepting man’s law of the way things go. The ways of any ancestors a thing of the past. We are far too advanced for all that ancient nature loving mumbo jumbo. Only in movies did people talk to animals, trees, wind, water blah, blah, blah.  I learned more about what I was doing with my gift through other people with these talents, reading about civilizations so long ago who had the utmost respect for the earth outside the violent interruptions of man. I always wondered, “why did we stop”?


The mainstream has a tendency to frown on those folk who are labeled tree huggers. The fanatical folk who stand in front of bulldozers or chain themselves to a tree to prevent its death. I would think the same thing. Why don’t they realize that progress must be made? Now I sit and think, what in the hell are we doing to the Earth? I could go on about the environment, or take a political stand. What will happen is many of you will stop reading. Those topics have been beaten into the ground with no solutions and no constructive dialog. I like articles that cause me to think, to really digest what is being presented. I hope I can do that now.

We cannot take on the ills of society until we take on the ills of our perceptions.

As I learned to meditate then journey and then be able to communicate to those between the veils, I learned I HAD to get in touch with the Earth herself. I had to pay attention to all the living things around me that showed me information and direction. So many ancient civilizations realized through necessity that there had to be a balance between Mother Earth and our need to reap her rewards. If one looks at any Pagan calendar or really any calendar that is not heavily Christian, you will see the utmost respect for what Mother Earth does for us and how we stop and thank her and nurture her. This, in turn, is also reverence for a higher governing power. Calendars of Druids, Heathens, Wicca, and Pagans are steeped in deep respect and balance of Mother Earth. Like it or not the Christian holidays came about far later than the Pagan ones. 

Wheel of the Year is what is used to describe the seasonal festivals. I am trying to make this as simple as possible. I am no expert by any stretch but what I am learning I feel I have to share.


I went to my first fire ceremony for Lughnasadh. It was incredible. We were celebrating what Mother Earth has given us through the harvests.

Enough about the calendar. Let us get to the point. When do we make it a point to be utterly grateful for what Mother Earth and Source have given us? Is Thanksgiving the only time? I think we as a society are so self-absorbed with things, that in the long run are useless. Christian holidays are wrapped around the things. Christmas has got to be the worst holiday I have seen. People disgusted with me will think that they love Christmas due to Jesus Christ’s so called birthday. One day they are “good”. The rest of the year we go back to yelling, screaming, road rage, racism, bigotry and intolerance of an endless list of whatever the problem seems to be.


I tell people I literally hug trees and talk to them and they laugh. They always laugh. I stand to admire butterflies and wonder how long they live. Why they chose my garden to feed. I watch crows decide to land in my yard and walk around beckoning me to come closer. A hawk will announce himself with encouragement to dig deeper into my soul. I will lay in the hammock and quiet my mind the feel breezes and track their path on my skin.


We are so absorbed with the opinions of others. We are absorbed with complaining about the ills of the world but choosing not to do one thing about it beyond demonizing another for their opposing views. So where does that leave us? Stuck with a horrifically negative attitude. You can still function. It is like stepping in dog shit. You can still function but you are reminded it is there by the mere stench. I have done it. I catch myself doing it. I work through it simply by stopping my world to get off the crazy train and get centered.

We have allowed media in all its forms dictate how we should respond to everything. This past election had to be the epitome of the destruction of our ability to communicate effectively and constructively. Social media is like heroin. But like any junkie, we need the fix to feel good. News via television is simply a joke. I don’t care what side of the aisle you stand, it is a joke. But we stand around wondering how did things get so bad.


In my small world that I am creating, I am noticing more people stating, “I don’t watch the news anymore”. It has gotten to that point. I don’t watch it. I can’t it makes me physically ill. I get either nervous, angry or paranoid. I stated in an earlier post I don’t listen to the radio either. When did we lose our ability to simply connect with another human being? When did we lose our most basic respect for the Earth and all she keeps giving and giving us? She owes us nothing. But we take and give nothing back. We are selfish children.

I’m waiting for a social revolution.

When will enough people get together and say, that is it, we have had enough? We are going to stop the media dictatorship and propaganda and get back to what is important to our connection to source. No more this party or that party, Left or Right. When will it simply boil down to returning to decent human beings nurturing our spirits through our respect for one another through Source? When have you had a heartfelt conversation with a stranger?

Can this revolution start with you?