There are times since I opened myself up to things unseen that I get to a point where I feel like something is about to happen. It is like that feeling you get when something is on the tip of your tongue and you can’t quite get it out. It is a surreal sort of waiting. I have had this feeling before and now as I type, I have it again. I feel like I should do more journeying, more reading for the knowledge of my craft, more stopping and looking more simplistic stillness.

I remember when I was still teaching and the few times I had silence and the stillness, I wanted to sleep. It was sleeping due to stress. I would get wrapped around the axle about things quite honestly I could not do anything about. We all do it. We can go a good hour or two complaining to a loved one about the same thing or the same people over and over and over again….to no lesson to be learned. It’s madness, it really is. My sister owns her own business. She is married with two children who are in middle school. I get exhausted listening to her tell me what an average day for her looks like….well day into night. I couldn’t do it.

So how do you get stillness?

It is easy for me to give you suggestions. So I am going to dig down and figure out I a slowed down the hampster wheel called my life when I was working.

  • Get enough sleep. If you have kids they should be doing to the same thing. Make a very basic schedule for them. Write it down. Many times when I write things down I stick to them more than just saying what I will do. Stop beating yourself up that you didn’t stay up to fold another pile of laundry or whatever you feel will die if you don’t do it before you go to bed.

  • Mindful breathing. When I would get into bed, lights off, I would lay and concentrate simply on breathing slowly and deeply. This does not cost any money you don’t have to schedule it. If that ugly “to do” list pops in, visualize yourself putting that in a box labeled, “for later”.

  • On the drive to work, I finally stopped listening to the radio. The nonsensical chatter would pluck my last nerve. So I stopped. I have an older car so I got a device that I could play my music from my phone. I listened to sheer music all the way to work.

  • Once at work I didn’t turn the obnoxious overhead lights on. I waited until I had to turn them on.
  • Walk at work, if you can. Even it is down the hall and back….walk and do a little mindful breathing.

  • No radio on the way home. I did a commute down 95 South on the way home from work in Northern Virginia. It was simply unbearable. Keeping the stress down was difficult for me to say the least. Easily an hour drive would turn into 2-3 hour drive depending on the day of the week.
  • “Talk” to Spirit in the car. I do it every time I am in the car alone. I hold the phone like I am having a real phone call. Why? because I am still under the pressure of not looking like a crazy person. I talk to spirit about my thankfulness, my questions, my fears. It works. You can call it praying I simply call it talking.

  • Walk in your yard. Five minutes barefoot in the yard will not result in you or your family starving to death if you don’t get right to dinner prep.

  • Turn off the TV, the phones and other the other stuff. You need to demand others around you do the same. An hour of some quality conversation will yeild great results.

You have to start somewhere. As I finish this up, the TV is off, all I hear are the dogs snoozing on the floor and shortly a sit on the couch to practice what I preach.