I cannot describe this feeling any better than how I did. I want to have a great journey when I go to my room and ask for the guidance of Spirit, my ancestors, Morrigan and Hawk. Before the soul extraction (mentioned in an earlier post) I was able to journey no problem, I could do readings easily. I am stuck. I read this can happen but it has been over a month. Don’t get me wrong, I do get some things coming in. I was able to move a lost child that seemed to be playing in my father’s bedroom. The intense journeys seem lost. I have no idea what to do beyond waiting and waiting.


Patience was never and doubt will ever be a virtue of mine. I have none. So reading that I need to be patient through this time of what is being termed as another “spiritual awakening” makes me want to scream. I can do some spiritual housekeeping. I need to ground more. I need to get the bare feet in the soil. I live in Virginia and summers here are unbearably hot. I am talking about the heat index many times over 100 degrees. Sweating does not cool you off due to the humidity. Walking outside is awful. I will use that as an excuse. I am surrounded by my mighty oaks and a wide assortment of other hard woods. All the other seasons I am blessed to walk among my mighty giants. In summer. One has to be vigilent about snakes, ticks, mosquitoes and gods know what else.



I am fearing that all that led me to the final healing has left because I am “all healed up” and they have left me for good. I know that does not make any sense. I am letting that nasty ego tell me ugly things.

Spiritual Grounding 

The above link was written by a lovely like-minded soul named Sarah Petruno. There are many ways to ground but I am most comfortable with her methods.


Are there ways you ground that keep you in touch with spirit? What works for you?

I have taken painting back up and though I am in love with it, it is not greasing those spiritual wheels. I am hoping getting back to basics, the wheels start turning, the powerful journeys begin again. With all this, I have to get out of my own head.


Has this ever happened to you? How do you cope?

I found this article and thought I would share. I really need to work on this.