I liked our master bath the way it was before. It is large and accommodates a small cocktail party and yes I am spoiled. I worked with far smaller and only once–a little bigger BUT. I am always looking to “one up” the competition. When we go to sell we have to have that slight edge over said competition. I like the flow, the sinks. I hate the garden tub. I know they are popular but we rarely use it. I would much prefer a walk-in shower but that my friends, was not going to happen. Homes are selling with those big bathtubs. So it had to stay.

This is the way it used to look like…..it’s not awful and many master baths look like this BUT we have to stay competitive and one notch better than the rest. So the plan was to pull out the shower insert and put in glass walls. It would allow a great deal of natural sunlight into the space and give us more room in the shower.

The contractor we hired has a full-time job in addition to doing this “on the side”. We saved a ton of money BUT there is the waiting. We were willing to wait. I retired so it is not like I had to put makeup up on religiously every morning in my car because my master bath was a mess.

This was done on a budget. All the tile was purchased off the shelf at Lowes. The walls were done in a very basic white gloss tile, the floor of the shower off the shelf as well. Nothing was special ordered. Now what had to be special ordered were the glass panels of the shower. The company came out and had to measure and then the glass is cut occording to those meansurements.

There it is. The shower insert was pulled out and down to bare studs.

The wall board is up and the initial tile has been laid. Keep in mind the flow of the tile when you do this. We wanted it to look like the whole thing was all done at once. Meaning that the existing tile at the tub flows smoothly to the tile at the shower. So a good contractor can cut the tile so this is the case. This is a pain in the butt. He did it and it looks great.

This is the floor of the shower. Guy and I went around and around with this. When you are standing in Lowes it is hard to really get the feel of how it will literally look. We were laying tile on the floor of the store trying to envision what it would look like. I wanted a little contrast. Just a little. I was always keeping in mind that the next owner of the house needs to be able to work with what is there. They have to be able to put their mark on it. We had to keep it neutral and keep it spa-like.

This is the niche. Always wanted one. I can’t stand all the bottles, razors etc just lying about. So we opted to use the tile from the floor into the niche. Adding to the visual flow of the decor. It accommodates liquid soap, shampoo, conditioner, razors etc.

The bench. I don’t sit in the shower. The man does, I do not. I get in and get out. I like the bench for shaving. I’m not a gymnast. Balancing is not a strong trait of mine. Plus….yet again keeping selling in the back of my mind.

Tile is just about done. The tile work had to be at this point before the glass wall guys could do anything in regard to measuring.

The flooring. Oh, how I love this flooring. Again, off the shelf at Lowes. It is large so it makes the space appear larger. We had him lay it in this direction–again to make the space appear larger. Some folks run it the other way and well…it looks bad. White grout for that clean look.

THEY ARE IN! The walls and door in. I wanted to cry. This looks so good. Cost? I never asked my man. If you are going to do this level of work in your bath and can’t DIY it, you have got to shop around. Ask for pictures of work, ask questions about the contractors problem-solving abilities. It was interesting to see how our contractor would run into those little things such as the tile, shape of the bench, direction of the tile, where crown molding would end and how and see how he solicited our input and we solved those things together. He was so willing to accommodate us.

We took down the useless wall cabinet that was there before. Why it was ever there was beyond me. You couldn’t really put anything of size in it. So down it came. Nice empty wall.

Crown molding is awesome. I had the contractor paint the walls gray that match the wall in the master bedroom. Gotta have that flow. The art work I bought on Ebay. The plants from Lowes.

That runner? What a steal. I never go to Bed, Bath and Beyond. But I knew the look I wanted. That runner was regularly $150. It was one clearance for $50. Not too bad. The silver tray–Goodwill. All the decor was bought at Ross. There was running around but it was worth it.