I have not posted to this topic at all. I need to.

Healing. We all run around needing healing of some sort. In one aspect we are told almost daily that something needs fixing. Our skin, diet, body, vacation, home, career, love life…you name it and there is a fix for it.

I think when you hit a certain age you are more equipped to tell all those “fixers” to shove it.

Then there are the fixes you have needed your ENTIRE LIFE.

You have been chiseling away little by little making headway. There are days you don’t and that is ok.

Shamanism? What is it? The average person thinks it is a Native American medicine man. Well, one type of shaman is Native American but shamans are in every culture ON EARTH. Not all were and are men.

Dance of the Deer Foundation

This web site is a very basic but clear explanation of shamanism. It is from a web site titled, Dance of the Deer. I am not Native American at all. I wanted to meet a shaman who I could connect with. I found a shaman literally less than 5 miles from my home and if you knew where I lived, you would laugh at the thought of a shaman anywhere near me.

My motivation for meeting him was that I wanted to help people. Gosh, it sounds like I want to skip around throwing glitter on people and desperately wanting them to smile. Helping I mean giving clarity and understanding to who they are and validating feelings and experiences and giving them a sense of empowerment. But in order for me to do any of that in any way shape or form, I had to take care of my business.

So I made an appointment for several things to happen by the time I was all done. I needed to take back what was taken from me due to my childhood. No, I don’t mean someone took a necklace or money. See when damage is done to your spirit, a little is taken from you. Some of us recover from that loss and some of us don’t. Having someone simply say, “well just get over it” may work for a bit, but one never really just gets over it.

White Stag Healing (Wayne Hart) .This is the web site for “my shaman”. He is very unassuming. He is laid back. I thought he would be dressed in a white robe, muttering to himself, long white beard and his home piled high with books. Yes, I was expecting Gandolf. I could get into our first conversation which was fascinating, to say the least, but I will leave that out. He is a Druid and a Shaman whose work is steeped in the Celtic tradition. That is what I was looking for. I needed to seek out someone who knew of the culture of my people ages and ages ago. Through my meditations (which I now know were journeys) I discovered my ancestors and folk from so long ago were speaking to me in more ways that one and I needed to use that to help me heal. I needed to find someone who could speak to that. I did.

I first had a soul retrieval done. Then after weeks, a soul extraction which I actually did with his guidance. These experiences were profound.   This is his explanation of it. Is it a magical cure? For me, yes. But not in the terms that it is like an antibiotic. You take it regardless of how you feel about the process. Intent is a huge thing.

Between the time of the retrieval and the extraction, I was working on learning to journey. If you are even interested in reading or actually trying this read the book by Michael Harner entitled, The Way of the Shaman.

Such a valuable book. It is my understanding that most shamans have had a near death experience to one degree or another. I know Wayne  Hart did. His was pretty intense. More can be read about it via his web site. I had a severe illness to the point where I thought I was having a brain aneurysm and I would die before my boyfriend could get to the ER. Three ER doctors, nurses etc still could not determine what was causing the most intense vertigo ever. They ran out of barf bags in the ER. MRI, CAT scans, etc….nothing. By week three I had recovered. Journeying for me was easy. In fact, when I would meditate, I thought everyone experienced what I experienced. These journeys were full on movies. I always dreamed vividly. Textures, sense of touch, smells, emotions and specific places. I would get to the point that I felt I was slipping slowly into madness.

I have had countless conversations with a good friend about the amount of bad stuff our ego does to our spirit. It will convince us of just about anything. If you think about the amount of negative talk that goes on in your head, you will agree with me.

This route or path that led me to shamanism seems like a natural fit. I may not go about it as a text book shaman. I find myself now being able to get to the Upper World or Lower World without too much effort. There are days I get stuck “spiritually” due to a bad mood or whatever. That is something the mere mortal must deal with and conquer.

Weeks later I went back for the soul extraction.

Wayne drummed. Before the process he gave instructions. I laid on the floor to journey and it was intense. I went with my power animal and went to places to take back what was taken from me. I don’t want to go into detail but it also was intense and never in a million years did I think I could do it. I was shocked at one point seeing where I used to teach….so much taken from me there. It made me sad. I understood, my sad nonetheless.

The point of all this? Empowering myself to get what I needed to heal childhood trauma that bled into adulthood. I was finally tired of carrying around this giant truck of crap. I did the therapy three years prior, the ALANON meetings, the letter writing campaigns to the “offenders”, I was done. I had to get help and healing for me. Sitting and waiting for whatever in the hell I was waiting for was not working.

I guess I could start a big discussion on life beyond what we see with our little eyeballs. I know there is more to our universe than right here, right now. I know this. I believe this. People who believe in a life after death but scoff at mediums, shamans etc. , are only fooling themselves.

I will always be a work in progress. I am so eager to know more about the beyond of our plane of existence. It gives me great comfort. That I can, if I desire tap into realms beyond what we know right here and right now.