We have no laundry room. I wanted one so badly. I had to do something. The closet as it was looked like the closet we crammed the washer and dryer in and quickly shut the doors so we didn’t have to look at it. This closet is in the kitchen and I wanted it to be a purposeful place to do the laundry –part of the decor not an afterthought.

Thank goodness again for Pinterest.

It is my go-to place to see how other problems of DIY decor and design have been solved.

The washer was stacked on the dryer. This is usually not a problem–but next to that we had this white bookcase to hold all the crap that wouldn’t fit in the pantry. It housed an array of coffees, teas, dog food, cat food dog treats, cleaners……Lawd a mess. I got to look at the shelved mess day in and day out. I couldn’t take it anymore.

Step 1: Unstack the washer and dryer

Step 2: Drag ugly white bookcase out of the closet.

Step 3: Set up spaceIMG_0199

As you can see, one of the wall cabinets has been assembled and is ready to hang above the washer.

I purchased the cabinets from WalMart online. I have never seen them in the stores around my home and they were far cheaper than Lowes and Home Depot.


Wall Cabinet $54.97 with free shipping. They have soft close and if you can put Ikea furniture together you can do these no problem.



Cabinets are mounted and now time to do some painting and some decor!




We took the hideous bifold doors off and installed two doors that open like french doors.


A good coat of white gloss paint and BAM! Laundry closet that is no longer an afterthought. The accessories were purchased at Ross and Marshall’s.