I think when we are afraid of color we fall victim to heavy neutral. Specifically, I mean dying in a sea of beige. I have or had beige wall everywhere. I was terrified of taking a leap and picking any color.We fear color as if we will screw something up and never be on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens. When I started breaking free from the BEIGE BLAHS, I looked fondly at gray. Well, it is still neutral. But boy oh boy the colors you can throw at it and it loves any of them….any.


I opted to change the color of the bedroom walls from blah beige to what I feel is the most wonderful gray in the world, Valspar’s Filtered Shade 4003-1B.valspar-filtered-shade-4003-1b

I used it in the dining room and instantly fell in love. Off to the bedroom. We have big dark furniture. I can’t change the furniture. I spent a fortune for it and there is no way in hell I am painting it. So I had to work with it. After hours and hours of research on Pinterest….I decided on gray.

Not only were the walls going to be painted, I was going to jazz up the ceiling. My back was simply thrilled at the idea. I did the walls first, then the first part of the ceiling Valspar’s Ultra White ceiling paint, then the first slant of the trayed ceiling the gray of the walls.


You can spend good money on paint and if you have crap tools….you get a crap paint job–trust me. My personal picks are either Woosterimg_20170204_113233289 or Purdy. I didn’t have to tape off anything–that is how clean the lines were as I used the brush.

I have a simple trayed ceiling and whoever did the taping when the sheetrock was installed needs to be drawn and quartered. What a mess. You can see where it is pulling at the seams. We almost contemplated having a real sheetrock guy come in and fix it. Yeah….no. Cover it!

Women are experts at covering things: stains on carpets, a big butt, complexions–you name it we can cover it.

The trick was to find a way to cover to mess on the lines of the ceiling without breaking the bank, and looking great without being too much. What to do, what to do?

I saw a lot of ideas for crown molding. Looks so great—costs a small fortune and the man can do it but not with great confidence. That idea was scratched. We thought of ceiling panels, wall paper etc.

I had to think outside the box….come on Maria you can do this.

PING! Fluted molding rosette block molding.Both from Home Depot. Our Lowes did not carry a variety of fancy MDF molding. This was just about perfect. No mitering, it has clean lines, would cover the boo boos and it was budget friendly. Keith measured and measuring and measured and cut once. He has a nail gun so this went up rather quickly. I painted it gloss white. I love it and man that room is on a whole new level.img_20170221_105958681


I had the curtains. They are 96″ and I love that they puddle to the floor and are a cotton like that of a bedsheet. I have to admit having them just hanging there over the window was messy looking. So I bought tie backs and swept both panels to the side.


Over the bed needed to be dynamic without being overbearing. Once again, I bought very inexpensive frames at WalMart (less that $10 a piece), then I printed off personal pictures from the computer. The flowers were a bunch I got at And That! for $5. I wrapped them in ribbon and hung them above.img_20170221_105932502

Keith installed a medallion above the ceiling fan. This was purchased at our Lowes for $40. This to me was a splurge. I was going to get a round stencil and roll the gray paint over it. He decided to take pity on my sore back.


I mean look at that ceiling!

The metal of the fan was this hideous shiny brass. I like the design….no way on the shiny brass. So it got painted a brushed nickel. So easy.


This is another DIY project my fella made us. I got the idea from Sawdust Sisters. The basket was a find at And That!


We have two big dogs (well one is still a pup and will be larger than his daddy shortly), that corner was boring so I snagged the big vase at Home Goods for less than $20 and the branches I found at Ross.


Pappa dog. I can’t go anywhere in the house without him…..yes even the bathroom!img_20170130_102816683

One of pappa dog’s sons. Pappa had 3 boys and 4 girls. We kept one and found amazing families for the rest. He is quite the helper. He helps drag things down the stairs and chews them. Sigh…..


We need new bedding. It is hard to get excited about bedding when two big dogs are on the bedding…all….of…..the….time.