I am retired. I do not need a little desk. I never needed a little desk. I was an art teacher. I needed a huge flat surface for the multitude of “stuff” needed for 6 different grade levels every week. Then I needed space for samples, examples etc. So my need for space has not changed. This time I need a large flat surface for the sewing machine, a place to cut fabric, paper, and the space to build the occasional art doll.

Once again, I was not going to spend a fortune on a high-speed desk/table.

I saw great ideas from Ikea. I would have gone there but if you live anywhere near Northern Virginia the drive to get to the Ikea is from hell. No joke. If you live there or lived there, you know exactly what I am talking about.

I was simply going to buy one of their table tops like this one:


Ikea table top


Ikea table leg

So for about $110 I would have a table and legs. You can get all sorts of legs or table supports..but this was the set up I was looking at.

Once again the powers of the thrift came to me. 

I made a “desk” for Keith for his house here at the house. He didn’t want to spend the money either so what I came up with was a hollow core door and two wooden saw horses I bought at Lowes.

There are so many ways to make a desk. It boils down to your style and how much you are willing to spend.

I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction making something myself.

img_20170127_130455955_hdrHere it is….the first desk I made using saw horses and a hollow core door. It had to say masculine without the expense. (pardon the trash bag…yet another load of work clothes donating to charity) He loves it. How I did it:

From Lowes: A hollow core door around $31
Also from Lowes: Sticky back Velcro $2.97
Lowes sawhorse $19.99

You have to prime and paint the door and the horses. Once they were dry I laid the door on the saw horse positioned where I wanted them in the room. Gently I picked up each corner and laid the Velcro on top of the saw horse. I put two pieces on top of each other–like they would stick in the final stage. I peeled the paper off the top Velcro piece. Then I laid the corner of the door and top and pushed down hard. You will here a strong click. I did this for each corner. Why Velcro you might ask? Because it will be super easy to move. Just pop the top off the horses.

The top does NOT move around…It takes the weight of a computer, a sewing machine etc.

Below are some pictures of the desk I put together for my craft room. Instead of painting it, I covered it with contact paper that looks like marble. I wanted the look to be a little glam but not overboard. I used the same type of Velcro. Instead of sawhorses, I placed the door on top of an old wooden desk that was left by the previous owner. These types of desks can be purchased at a thrift store I’m sure.


My desk. Plenty of room to do what I gotta do!




Contact Paper from Lowes (you will find it with the shelf liners) $6.97






ikea legs + hollow core door? Lots of uses for old doors: temporary party tables, craft tables, work tops in basement with saw horses.:

desk from Creative Home Body



sawhorse table:
Image source