Everyone loves huge tall walls that soar all the way up to the second floor–until you have to decorate them and then you are lost. I finished doing mine and though it was inexpensive, it was a LABOR of love. My Keith was up and down the ladder over and over. So I came across an awesome idea that has a HUGE visual impact without the same impact on your budget.

It is the display of a sari.

A sari is a garment worn by women in India. It is made up of 5-9 yards of fabric and is wrapped around the waist and then draped over one shoulder. Fabrics used are silk and fine cotton. Some are plain and some heavily beaded and or embroidered. They are quite beautiful.


This is just one example of a sari.

How are you going to get it on a wall you ask? A curtain rod.

The rod is installed just like you would above a window. The challenge is getting a ladder to do it.


image source In the above example from an article, The Insider: Uber-Stylish Townhouse in Prospect Heights from Brownstone Magazine, two saris were displayed on a tall wall using a curtain rod.



Where do you buy a sari? The places I found them were:

Ebay. There are domestic sellers and sellers abroad. If you are willing to wait they are cheaper abroad. It depends on your preference.The least expensive I saw was $1.07 BUT $16 for shipping. Those saris came directly from India.


The above sari is a listing from Ebay. It is a used, vintage sari, 5 yards. It is listing for $1.07 with $18.99 shipping. It is coming from Delhi, India.


The one pictured, from Amazon is listed for $14 with free shipping. It was not listed with Prime.

Since I have used both sites to purchase items I used those two as examples of places to purchase a sari. I am sure there are countless other vendors on the internet.

cbazaar  Prices start at $19

India Sari House  I saw prices starting just shy of $29

Enjoy and have fun.

Think outside the box when you have a large space to decorate.