When I finally went to see a “medium” to figure out what in the world was going on in my home and finding out later what was going on with me, it was Christi Ahl who gave me the directions I needed.

She is a truly remarkable psychic medium, healer, teacher and dear friend.

She has a book coming out at the start of summer and you have got to check it out. This is not a book all about the “woo-woo” stuff. It delves into her start in life met with trauma, heartache, and salvation. If you have fallen or were ever lost this book will speak to you.


I took a class with Christi last fall and it was a defining moment in my life. My life will never be the same. She gave me the tools, the direction, the guidance and support to be the woman I am and be the evolving goddess.

She used to live in my hometown and since has moved to Southern California.