Two years ago I was all excited about getting a new dining room that had never been painted. I painted them lemon yellow. It was sunny, bright and cheery.

A month ago I looked at it wondering if I have been in some sort of menopausal fog for 2 years.

It lacks sophistication and the cohesiveness needed to tie it in with the rest of the house. 11694903_10207242208432983_2966425945535519564_n

This is what it looked like when we moved in. The walls were your standard contractor wall paint.

11217661_10207242208392982_8869500377239639459_nThen I opted to paint them yellow. The back wall is a sort of unique board and batten. Super easy to install and I just painted the entire area white.

Since then, my man built a farmhouse table for me. I have wanted one for some time but purchasing one was out of the question. They are super expensive and if you are lucky to find an authentic one, those are even more expensive.


Here is the table. I think this is what started changing my mind with the wall color. I adore this table.

The upstairs guest rooms are a gorgeous gray. I love gray paint. It seems to me that just about everything will work with gray.

There is an understated elegance with gray walls.

I started with a paint color. This was Lowes Valspar. I am telling you this now. I will never use any grade of their brand paint….ever. It went on like crap. There are three levels to their grade of paint. This was their mid-level. The Signature. Never EVER again. I spent almost all the time with this room going over spots on the wall. The coverage was awful!img_20170116_080532100Love the color…..not the brand. GRRRRRRR

img_20170116_080514248-1 img_20170116_130153685

There are the paint and supplies. I hate taping off the trim but it pays off in the end.

The green sideboard was also built by Keith. The man never built a thing in his life. Ya know how he did all these furniture builds? YouTube videos. He is the man!

Let’s talk about the artwork. I took the prints out that were in there. I love them and will hold on to them but they were no longer my choice for the room. These are 16 x 20 WalMart Mainstay frames. There is no glass–just that mylar stuff. I am going to “frame” my own photographs which are 8 x 10. I did not want to pay for 16 x 20 white mat board with a 8 x 10 opening. Too much money. I went to JoAnns Fabric and poster 4 sheets of white posterboard. The photographs are ones I took myself from a battlefield in our area. I then printed them on cardstock paper I bought at WalMart.


I cut off the white frames around each print. I then used transparent tape to carefully roll tape to the back of the print and then center it onto the poster board. They then were placed back into the frames. Huge difference on that gray wall.



Don’t ya love that I included the bowl of cat food? I have two German Shepherds that eat EVERYTHING!

These are my grandmother’s pictures. The one on the right is her mother, the man is her grandfather and the top is my great aunt who was a nun.

img_20170119_084051365-1 img_20170119_084200052_hdr

Hmmmmmm… to another room!