Have you ever gone to a certain space or room in your home and you stand there just staring and rolling my eyes. You think to yourself, “I HAVE got to do something with this.” Then you spend hours and I bet DAYS looking at 100’s of ideas on Pinterest.

Then it happens….the inspiration.

This was my inspiration but I wanted way up on the wall of the foyer wall.tiberio27

image source

So I had to sit at my computer and break it on down as the thrifty decorator that I am.

I needed mirrors, scroll medallion and something else. This research took hours. But well worth it. I ended up with wall mirrors from Lowes for just shy of $7 a piece, medallion scroll at Hobby Lobby for less than $20 (I used the 40% off coupon) and for a 3/d pop—two cardboard deer heads from eBay for less than $20.


Lowes-Rectangle Framed French Wall Mirror


Ebay listing Cardboard Deer Head


Hobby Lobby Scroll Metal Wall Decor

Taking down the BUTT Painting

It had to go. It was hanging there all alone. I bought it at a yard sale. I felt sorry for a painting. Who feels sorry for a painting? Someone painted it, it is well done. I have no idea who painted it or who the dude is in the painting. But the butt painting had to go. It was lost on the wall. Each time I looked up, I sighed with disgust.


The first thing I had to do was to paint the mirror frames. I tried WalMart for these mirrors but I was not going to pay $13 a piece for the ones that were better looking. They had none of the inexpensive ones and haven’t for a while. Anyhow. I used acrylic paint. I had to sand the mess out of them to get the paint to stick. The frames are plastic. BE CAREFUl. The mirror is thin so don’t put a lot of weight into it when sanding.


There were no hangers on the back of the mirrors.I guess these are simply to lean against the wall. Anywho….Keith screwed in the brackets using these-img_20170115_125014897 img_20170115_124903964

Now the math to hang something that is centered between the upstairs railing and the foyer window.

Good Grief…I’m a retire ART teacher not like a math teacher.

The medallion went up first and then where the mirrors would be placed centered below.img_20170115_124855755-1

Now hardcore math. Each mirror (4 of them) had to be hung centered on the space below the medallion but not all the way to the door frame of the office. So Keith added up the height of each mirror and the 3 inches between them and then…yadda…yadda…yadda…they were up. How’s that for the math calculation? He got them up there the medallion still on top at the center of every mirror. God bless him.


I spray painted the deer heads with one coat of average brown and then lightly with a metallic silver so the finish was not so flat. Hanging them was easy. Easy for me to say, as I stood and looked up…..but gosh my neck was sore.


Another project that didn’t break the bank. The wall is grand and I love it.