Describing yourself and not sounding like you are applying for a job is tough stuff. 

I’m 52, retired art teacher. I would like to keep teaching art, but all the “stuff” that goes on in a school outside the realm of your art room was entirely too much to deal with anymore. I got debt free and here I am.

I love with the love of my life and no we are not married. I call him my husband occasionally. He doesn’t mind. I have a grown daughter with her own little son. Lights of my life.

I have pretty much taught myself a ton of craft stuff–stained glass, quilting, alcohol inks, clay hand building, oil painting, watercolors, all sorts of medium to work with the creation of art dolls…I am having a hard time thinking of something I have not tried.

I love the learning process that goes along with plunging into a project.

Last year I learned I am a psychic medium. I don’t have a crystal ball, wear a scarf wrapped around my head stirring a boiling cauldron. I live in a typical American colonial type home with our 3 dogs and a cat. I don’t do readings for a living. I meditate mostly because it makes me feel awesome and then there is the fact that well I get messages from well….people who have passed on. Long story….but that is the gist.

I am at a point in my life where I honestly love EVERY aspect of my life.

Not many can say that. EVERY aspect. I have stinky days….but it is not a life event–just an annoyance.

So that’s me…..