Our laundry room (closet) is in the kitchen and I detest this. It is a deep closet and I would prefer a room. But who can afford blowing out a wall and building a room? Not I. So I try to give that area love.

DIY Decorator on a Shoestring Love……

This is what I had above the doors prior to something lighter and more cohesive to the rest of the look of the kitchen.img_20170109_135033879_hdr

I handpainted these tiles that I got from a friend who had left over red clay tiles from a  patio project. I love them, I just don’t love them there anymore.

What to do? What to do?

So I went exploring through Pinterest and found inspiration of e-files that you can buy for cheap via Etsy. I got mine here UnoPrint. I bought 4 at $2.80 a piece. I downloaded them and opened them via Microsoft Windows Photo Viewer. That will enable you to pick the size you want. I did 5 x 7’s. You can print them on anything that will go through your particular printer. I have a black and white laser printer and opted to put them on cardstock I got at WalMart.


Here they are all ready to be cut and framed. I took the 5 x 7 paper inset from the frames I bought and laid them on top of the images and carefully cut along the line.If you don’t have a steady hand, trace the rectangle with a pencil lightly.

I hit the mother load when I found these frames at WalMart for $4.97 a piece.

They are pretty fancy pants I must say.img_20170111_105741739_hdr

They are that aged bronze brown color and now works perfectly with the counter tops. I got the prints into the frames. img_20170111_111441388

Here is my “hammer” much to my man’s disgust. I use these instead of a hammer. A hammer requires me to going into the garage in the Eye of Mordor to try to find a suitable hammer.

Yes, it is a meat tenderizer.

Works great. In a serious pinch, use a platform shoe or a clog….do not laugh….you will do it soon.shoes-453209_640

Get your nails up on the wall. Do a little math and measure correctly.


There they are. I love them. This is easy AND inexpensive. Now off to the next cheap DIY!