Where do you meditate? Do you think you need this spa-like room with views of the ocean or a field of wheat? Not quite. I mean if you do…knock yourself out. But if you are like me, I did not have the money to do massive renovations to my home to get such a space. Does it have to be an entire room? Nope–not even. I think we get caught up with the “stuff” we have to buy in order to set up a space to meditate. Proper lighting, a water feature, crystals, incense, fancy music, and total silence. You don’t really “need” any of these things. What you do need is a noise free interruption free spot. This spot can be just about anywhere that is quiet.burn-1119244_640



I will show you where I meditate. I am not, in any way, dismissing others ways to meditate. You have to do what works best for you. You will know this by the outcome of the meditation. There are times I have to go for a long walk in the woods to meditate and to get grounded. That is something I will get to in another post. Grounding is a form of meditation for those of us who are mediums. We have to stay grounded. you do not need to meditate for an hour and feel that it is some sort of chore.

When I first got into meditation it was a huge stress reliever. The outcome is always feeling lighter and thinking with clarity. The last year of my teaching career, meditating was the only thing keeping me from running out of the building screaming. When I first started, I sat next to my bed on the floor. I lit one little candle–I was not going to sit in the dark. I wrapped myself in a blanket and concentrated on my breathing. Inhale…1…2….3…hold…1…2…3….exhale…1…2…3. Do this several times until your breathing slows down and is deep. I also wear a sleeping mask. This is just my thing. I want the darkness but I won’t sit in a dark room….I know I’m a little weird. I do not sit in a lotus position because my knees would be killing me. I sat with my legs out in front of me. I didn’t do any of the hand positions who see on tv and in movies. If you would like to do that. Go for it. Here is a link.Mediation Hand gestures

My big thing is to relax. Until you really sit and let go, you will have no idea how much many parts of our body is tense. Drop your jaw a bit, drop your shoulders and breathe with a focus on that breathing. You want to sit up…otherwise, you will fall asleep which has happened more than once to me.


If you participate in Yoga, you will know the importance of breathing etc. So you are a little ahead of the game.

I meditate for two very important reasons. First is for relaxation and reducing stress. Secondly is to open myself to my Spirit guides, my ancestors and those who would like to contact me who are of the highest vibration. I will get into that in another post.


Here’s my little spot. It has certainly grown from one candle and sitting on the floor next to my bed. This is a room in the basement we had finished when we bought a new home. I have seen meditation spots that are far smaller and far larger with a whole lot more “gear”. Again,  you set up what is meaningful to you. Maybe a picture of people you love, little trinkets from a meaningful experience and item that means something to you. Some of us call this table area an “alter”. Call it anything you want. You can see I have crystals, candles, incense, and 3 statues of icons that mean something to me. There is Mother Earth, St. Michael and a guardian angel. Again you don’t need all this stuff. I chose to have these items because they mean and work for me.


Here is a better view. Could I meditate without these? Yes and I have many times. When I walk in the woods, when I sit in the hammock under the trees out front and when I sit in the tub. These are my tools. More on that later.


This is a meditation cushion and back support my man gave me last year. Life saver for my back. I am 52 and my back is not what it used to be. That fortune cookie shaped thing is a wedge to provide support as you sit. There are times I will lay down to meditate. Those are the times I know I am not so exhausted that I will fall asleep during meditation.


These are my earplugs. I hook these into my phone and play meditation music. Many times I can hear the two big dogs running about upstairs and the man walking…it drives me nuts and is distracting. Technology today allows you use an array of devices to keep the noise out. I also have Bluetooth headphone but I reserve those for the gym.

When you first start out try it for 5 minutes. Work up to longer times. You will see a difference. I promise. Enjoy and relax.
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