Nurturing the goddess that you are. What does that look like exactly? I mean if you are a parent rushing about the home taking care of children and the home, how do you have time to nurture yourself? How does any one woman have any time for that? Does this mean leaving the house and spending money you don’t have? Not at all. You start with the small things. Most of us have a routine or a schedule. Continue with the routine but do it mindfully. For example, when you change from night wear into day wear, even if it is yoga pants and a t-shirt. Mindfully decide where dirty clothes go. Place them into the hamper or wherever that place is. Winging it anywhere isn’t too mindful. You want to give a little thought to the action of putting and placing. Rushing about is really not necessary. I mean what are you gaining? Getting somewhere “on time”? What if you are late? What will happen…exactly? Mindfulness can be taught to children. They can put things away, they can do their little tasks with purpose. Running around like wild things makes for stress and anxiety.

I saw a list the other day on Pinterst of things one can do by yourself. Great list. But as I read them, if you have kids and/or a job outside the home that task can be just about impossible. I was a single mom and making it to the bed in one piece at the end of a long day of teaching and then child rearing was a miracle.

A big step is….hang on….turn off the TV. Listen to music, read to your children or if they are older, take this time to have them read. The silence is truly golden. It is a time to actually think about your breathing. Close your eyes and take deep, slow breaths. Attempt to push out the lists, tasks, annoyances and all the stuff.

If the weather allows for it, go for a walk. If you have children, see if you can walk with them silently. When you get home, talk about what one thing they saw that they loved, found interesting. Think about your breathing while you are walking, think about your skin out in the fresh air.

A problem in my own home is the amount of time both myself and my boyfriend spend on the tablet. I have to, need to….meditate. I meditate for at least 30-45 minutes daily. I sleep better and feel better.

You know what I do in the car on the way to the gym? I hold up my phone as if I am talking to someone BUT I am talking to Spirit/God whoever. I thank all for my blessings, what I need guidance on or whatever. Yes, I talk out loud. I do the phone thing because I am still slightly preoccupied that a fellow driver may think I am crackers. I mean what are they going to do? Pull me over and actually ask me if I have a screw loose?

You have got to take care of you. You are useless to yourself and everyone who loves you if you don’t take care of all aspects of who you are. Nurture the goddess that you are and are becoming.

50 Ways to Nurture Yourself This is a great article that expands on ways in which you can nurture yourself.