When I got back from my visit to both Scranton and Gettysburg, I knew something was up with me. There was something going on. Was there a name for this…this thing going on? I started digging on the internet and then reaching out to private groups on Facebook. I started with meditation. When I used to hear meditation, I thought of monks or people who are really thin and eat right. They sit all crossed legged for hours making humming noises. I never really looked into what the whole deal was with the meditation thing. yoga-1883321_1920

First of all, I started with a candle and a dark room. I couldn’t sit crossed legged because it was killing my knees. So I sat against the bed on the floor of my bedroom. Quieting my mind was like silencing a preschool class after a sugary snack. It was almost impossible. I was slowly able to be still in my mind and began to get tingling sensations in my fingertips. Then I was seeing these intense cobalt blue round balls of light in my mind’s eye. All normal from what I then researched. Another evening I was meditating. I had recently looked into finding your spirit guide. I bought a book on the subject. I will buy a book to research just about everything. It discussed how to meditate and go on a walk to the opening of a cave etc. Well, I did that. I sat on a rock and waited. I have to tell you I was a little scared. Then I look down (all in my mind’s eye) and I see a black sleeved hand. The sleeve went all the way down to this person’s knuckles of her fingers. I could tell this was an elderly woman. Then I got “Annie.” Am I making this up? Am I this desperate for new information that I am fabricating this? This is my ego pounding the hell out of me. So I “hear” that she was always with me, she protected me from situations that were so terrible and so awful. She told me that if she were not there I would have never survived the life I had. The feeling from her was gentleness, love beyond description. The comfort she gave me I will never be able to explain.

Annie was my great aunt. She was the oldest girl in her large family. Since she did not marry her choice was only to enter the convent. I only saw her twice in my life. I was very young. We would go to her convent. She was in a strict order. This meant all of her hair was covered as well as her entire body. The only skin revealed was her face and her hands. As a child, I thought she was the nicest person on earth and she was surely so good that she already had a prime spot in heaven when she got there. I never really talked to her. I remember her sitting in the lounge area of the convent visiting her with my grandmother (her sister) and my family. I still don’t know that much about her.pray-1144893_640

After meeting her, I knew she was the first of many spirit guides I would have. I sat and cried and cried when I finished meditating. I cried due to joy, love, relief, and validation. Someone knew the heartache of my childhood. This was a gift I would cherish forever.

Does everyone “see” things and “meet” people when they meditate? No. No, they don’t. So why am I seeing people and meeting people? When I would dream or when I would lay quiet with my eyes closed, I always saw an array of people…all walks of life, sometimes so many I couldn’t keep up with them all. Many never spoke, some didn’t acknowledge me. My dreams my entire life were and are livid. When I say vivid I mean I see textures, smells, sounds, color. I can explain to you in crisp detail about my dreams. I thought everyone is like this. Many are but not all. Why do I dream like that?

Spirit guides are people that you can contact via meditation who are there to help you. They will serve different purposes in your life at particular times. Some serve the role as protector, historian, advisor, etc.  Some will come and then you may never contact them again. It all depends on what they feel you need. You might be sitting there thinking, “this gal is nuts”. That is your opinion. I understand it, but I know what I know. I know that as all of this unfolded my life changed beyond my wildest dreams….for the good.face-636092_640

Erin Pavlina has a great article explaining who spirit guides are and their purposes.

Ask Your Guides: Connecting to Your Divine Support System by  Sonia Choquette. This a great book to start with in my opinion.

Key to the Spirit World by Jennifer O’Neill. It is an easy read and also another that is a good starting point.

There are TONS of books out there on the subject. But I don’t need to read how the watch was made. I needed a good “how-to” book. I will continue to create posts explaining the different guides I have had and ones that come to me now. This is the real deal for me and it continues to bring pure joy, unconditional love, peace, and happiness.