When we went to Gettysburg the first thing we went to visit was the Jenny Wade House. I envisioned that it would be off in a field somewhere but it was right smack in town. It is a small unassuming home. We got the tour and we all crammed small room after small room. The story is pretty sad. She was the only civilian casualty at Gettysburg during the Civil War. She was just minding her own business. I am not a fan a being in crowded situations so I was relieved when the tour was over. We left the home and I took a little path around the home to the cellar. Keith was out walking around. The cellar is odd because they have a mannequin under a sheet to represent when Jenny was laid when she was shot. They couldn’t leave at the time due to the fighting. I am sitting there wondering about this set up is. I can get the gist of a dead body without a visual to show me. It must freak kids out. I am the only one down there, taking in the silence and pondering the week ahead of us. I was compelled to take a couple of pictures. You will see what I captured. I think Jenny knew just how much respect I have for those who have passed. I think she wanted to tell me the only way she knew how. Please note the orb that seems to be in the chair.2010-01-01-05-43-06

That evening I was all excited to go on my first paranormal investigation. Do not spend the money. It is not cheap, it is not educational and the company we booked with seemed super annoyed to have to do it. Just my two cents. There were about 20 people who were also going to take the tour. We all gathered in a parking lot and followed the guides to an old abandoned mansion. This is the Hoffman Mansion. I have to say it was exciting. I had never done anything remotely similar to this and I was beside myself and couldn’t wait to catch me a ghost. This was a mess. The participants were friendly. Only one gal had to be told to leave due to her level of intoxication. Anyhow, we gathered in the living room and were given all the hunting equipment. We were given a VERY short explanation of how they all worked. I could hear Keith rolling his eyes. God bless him, he supports me. So the guides gave us our stuff and we all walk around, in the dark, there is no electricity. Now that I look back, this was obscene on so many levels. When one “looks” for evidence of activity, you don’t go in a mass group making all kinds of noise, talking over each other and running from room to room. So ridiculous. This is called “contamination”.

I don’t know what I thought was going to happen. I walk up the stairs. When I got to the top of the stairs I immediately get sick to my stomach, I am immensely dizzy and I think I am going to faint. I got this exact reaction earlier that day. Keith gently takes me by the arm. Before I walk from the spot, I look up to the ceiling. I have no idea why I was moved to do this. Keith looks up as well. We are walking around and walking around. Nothing. No buzzers, voices, thumps, globs of white mist or screaming. Now I am thinking, “this cost me the equivalent of a half decent pair of shoes”. Finally, we go to the attic. No one is up there. We walk up and I sit with a voice recorder. I am looking at the battery going from dead to full charge over and over again. I tell Keith we got gipped. They gave us faulty equipment. Little did I know what that meant. Many times an “entity” or “spirit” will draw energy from a source in order to make an attempt to communicate. I was clueless at the time. Here I am sitting noticing my battery charge is fluctuating.

Attic of the Hoffman Mansion

When I got home, I went through the huge amount of pictures we took from Gettysburg. I noticed that I took a picture (two in a row) of the spot where I got sick to my stomach. Notice anything?

We found out at the end of the fun-filled night, that a young woman who was the daughter of the homeowner hanged herself in the attic upon learning her love had been killed during WWII. Where I was standing was right below where this poor woman ended her life.