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The summer before the great acknowledgment of my “gift” of mediumship, Keith and I went to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. We opted to stay a week and take our time exploring. I prepaid for all the big things we wanted to do which were a tour on horseback and a “haunted” tour and a tour with a paranormal group. Gettysburg during the week is the best time to go. But during the week small places are not open. The day we set out for the horseback tour was spotted sun and clouds, create temperatures it was just about perfect. If you find that you can fit it in your budget, do this tour. It is amazing. Most of the tour is through the woods. The guide we had was amazing. We all had headsets on hearing was not even an issue. He narrated the story of Gettysburg that enabled me to get a far better understanding of the Civil War than anything I read in a book or saw on TV. I took a ton of pictures.