When I first stumbled upon this whole goddess movement I didn’t have the first clue what that was, what it looked like. As I began to read various pages from Facebook and then met up with some like-minded women in my area, I found out quickly what this movement is all about. It is defined and interpreted differently depending on what woman you ask.

I envisioned a young woman…not old like me. A young woman, long hair that is always blowing softly in the wind, porcelain skin, no makeup, physically fit, wears cotton and no bra. She runs around eating salad and granola and smiles constantly. Where I got this is beyond me. It is what I envisioned. A Goddess is not that. I mean I guess she could be, but she is so much more.

When I met up with my like-minded womenfolk, we had meetings where we shared. We shared our fears, our strengths, our weaknesses. Don’t women already do that? Yep, but does it turn into gossip? Do these women, in turn, try to one-up each other? One of the most disgusting displays of what a Goddess is not is any episode of Real Housewives of (any given area). It is like a trainwreck….I get sucked into the most pathetic women I have ever seen. I sit and say out loud, “thank God I don’t have friends like that.”

A goddess in my eyes is confident, strong, and the knowledge and empowerment to stand by her convictions. She is a mother, daughter, wife, student, grandmother, aunt, lover and a fighter. She expects no one to save her from herself. She will seek support on her terms.

As I pulled research for this post, I was amazed at the amount of information out and about on the subjects of the Goddess, feminism, spirituality and the sacred feminine. So much excitement to see that there is a movement out there. I am not talking about our sisters who burned their bras decades ago or walked the cobbled streets for the right to vote. We as a sex have moved on and are evolving into something else or rather someone else.

Have you found yourself getting frustrated with fellow women who are always looking for a man to save them? Looking for that ideal relationship to complete them? Do you get aggravated with younger women who have no clue how to go about tasks such as oil changes, car registrations, flat tire, etc? They seem to be waiting for someone else to do it for them. Then there are the women who can’t hold a confidence, who reek of jealousy and who go out of their way to tear a woman to shreds through verbal beratement rather than healthy and constructive argument? What in the hell is going on?

Rosemary Radford Ruether, P.h.D.. What is Feminism? has written a great article to get you started on the subject.

The Goddess Movement This link explains more of the ancient ways concerning the concept of the Goddess.

What is Goddess Spirituality? Another great article.

I think women live with an absurd amount of guilt that is buried in areas such working and being a mother, not being the sexpot you need to be in your relationship, guilt about your physical appearance, guilt about your weight, guilt about hanging out with other women when you feel you should be home doing some domesticated duty. We carry guilt all the time. When does this stop? When will it be socially acceptable to stop the worry? All those fears we harbor feed big money. Magazines, tv, movies, music, gyms, I could go on. Think about it. Take an hour and note how many times you hear, see or read something that preys upon that guilt.