I was just starting my intuitive class with a medium/psychic/healer and my boyfriend and I decided to walk a battlefield not too far from the house. This is not a monstrous battlefield and not as well known as the larger Civil War areas. We parked and walked on the roads, the paths and anywhere one was allowed. We took a path of dirt off the paved road to walk to the ruins of a farmhouse that like so many at the time, stood in the crosshairs of fighting. I am going to do my best to describe what happened to me. When you are a medium you possess one of the clairs. (clairvoyance, claircognizant etc) information comes to you in particular ways. I do not “hear” them. I see them in my mind and I can hear them in my mind. I started to get so dizzy that I felt I would fall over. My head was spinning out of control and the vertigo was crazy. To watch me, one would think I am in pain and having a major panic attack. It is unsettling. My boyfriend thought I was going to faint. He told me to grab the trail marker. As “they” were all talking at me at once I am trying to gather my wits to tell my boyfriend what is going on. He is standing there like,”what in the hell is going on?” I felt as if about 30-40 men rushed up to me all excited, all talking at once. I was never afraid, simply overwhelmed. As I am trying to get sense of what they are saying, I was able to convey to my boyfriend, “they want you to know they know who you are”, “they know why you are here”. “they know what day it is”, “they thank you for being here”. They were beyond excited Keith was there. Why? Keith is a retired Marine of 23 years, a veteran who served in Desert Storm. Keith is one of the most solid men I have ever met. His service to his country was outstanding. I desperately thanked that huge group of fallen soldiers. It was unreal. When they “left” it was like a cloud lifted. The panic feeling gone, tears dried up and I was back to me.

Of course, when I got back home, I contacted my teacher and told her what happened. She explained that when you acknowledge a gift such as this you become a beacon of sorts. It is like the deceased yell, “hey look, she is one we can talk to!” My teacher explained how to establish boundaries, how to protect yourself and how to not get so overwhelmed. I was so honored that they came to me. I couldn’t wait for more. Be careful what you wish for as I learned numerous times later……

This was a beautifully clear day, no wind, crisp and cool..note the blobs of haze.
Same day, my boyfriend has a “friend” right next to him….