I often wonder if millions of people turned off the news in all its forms, what would happen? How would we form opinions on people, places, and things?  Should we know EVERYTHING? How much is too much?   I think if we had less access to the world and its goings on we would be more inclined to have a conversation with our neighbors, shopkeepers, people at the gas station etc.

We are on perpetual information overload. So much is thrown at us at once, all day. Does any normal human being have time to properly digest all of it? Most of it anymore isn’t even news, its sensationalism to make money. We don’t even have the time to properly select what is worthy of digestion. True solid news gets tossed aside, things that are important are ignored until it becomes a massive problem. We hold no one accountable, not even ourselves. Instant gratification has turned into instant decay of the mind.