The circumstances leading me seeing a medium involved loud banging in the new home my boyfriend and I bought. The banging one morning was so loud it shook the house. I thought it was me hearing things in my head until I saw my large German Shepherd react to it. He felt as if someone might be here. Another morning, short thereafter was the sound of the garage door opening to the kitchen, papers being placed and pushed along the counter top and one or two steps. I was certain it was Keith, he was home. I called down and nothing. I got up and went to the landing of the stairs and called to him again–nothing. So I went down. There was no one in the house, in the garage and no car in the driveway. What in the hell was going on? That was it. I had enough. This was on top of all the odd things that went on when we went to Gettysburg the summer prior. That will be a different post. Something was trying to reach out or I was seriously losing it. I already had my doubts due to menopause. That is yet another post.

How in the world do you find a credible medium? I mean do you go to Yelp? If you find one on Google in your area, then what? Do they have a license? Did they have to pass some sort of test? Are there certifications? This was a massive shot in the dark. So low and behold I find one. She has there certifications from these institutes and the web page is very cool and spa like. God, I was going off of the font she used. It was like a comfort. The pages to her sight were comforting. Does that even make any sense? She was literally less than 15 minutes from my house. Understand I live in a rural yet very historical area of the county. This find was amazing.

She is not was I expected–at all. We sat down. She started with wanting to know why or what I wanted to know. She stopped mid explanation to tell me a man was bugging her repeatedly and interrupting her. He apparently was very excited I was there and he had much to share. She described him in great detail: his appearance, his occupation, who is was in the family to me. To verify he told her what I had for dinner the night before. I almost fainted. All I thought was  “shit she is the real deal”. He explained to her then to me that he has been watching the three of us. Meaning, he was watching me, my sister and my brother. He knew I was working on my family tree and to stay away from the Polish side, “too much drama”. He described the front of a home…which was mine to a T. He knew I had “gifts”. I couldn’t believe it….all these years of suspecting. My great aunt came through who was a nun in a strict order. She knew I went there the summer prior seeing her grave at the convent. The whole session was an hour long and I was beside myself. I was now full of more questions than ever. In less than a month, I went again. I wanted to learn. I wanted more, I knew I had more. I think I am on to something.

The medium offered to teach me. She put together a class. This was a 6-month long class filled with reading, exercises, and application. My life now would never be the same. I was giving birth to a new life.