About a year ago I went to seek the insights from a psychic medium near me due to some odd things going on in the new home I moved into. I expected her home to look like a woodland cottage. I then expected her to look like a gypsy with a blind eye, hunched over and mumbling to herself as she led me into said cottage. It was so far from what I thought it would be. She lived in a relatively rural area in my county and actually not too far from me. Her home was a ranch home, nice yard, open floor plan and super clean. She answered the door wearing glasses, jeans and a sweater. The room she did her readings in looked like the waiting room at a spa. It took me some moments to take it all in. She was very professional and super kind. The reading started and an hour later was told, “you have gifts.” And folks that is where it all started. I suspected something was up with me, but hey, I’m the artsy-fartsy teacher. Aren’t we all a little Whoo Whoo?