Deciding to create art dolls remains a mystery to me. Being an “art” person, I am always trying to create and learn new things. I taught myself quilting and stained glass. I started off with an art doll made of polymer clay. This was difficult and frustrating. I am no sculptor. I was thrilled to find push molds. I didn’t mind what the faces looked like but making fingers that looked graceful was impossible. I got hung up on making them look realistic. Why? Why did they need to look realistic? After a great deal of meditation, it came to me that I needed to go back to my days of being an art student. What was I trying to convey? Is the realism relevant to the message? I gave up the notion of the realism for the message got lost. In some cases, there wasn’t even a message. I have made a handful of dolls now and I can say with this one I have “gotten” it. This doll speaks to my passion of the forest. My passion for nature in the wild. She has more work to be done….