I noticed everyone and their brother has a blog to rant about everything: politics is a massive one as of late. Blogs for some I guess are journals, social media has become diaries and Instagram pictures of tons of stuff….I had someone tell me that ranting about politics on Facebook changes no minds and basically no one cares. At first, that made me super angry. I felt like things I say or do or observe makes no difference at all. I stopped and thought how would anyone know? Just because they “like” it or don’t? I mean do posts and shares cause people to think? reflect? I would hope. I could go on a political rant about the non-acceptance by some. They can’t seem to move past who will be the President. I don’t understand, will never understand it and what I think has not been written and said over and over and over again. Have we lost the art of discussion? I mean meaningful discussion. The computer has become a hiding place whereas one can type the most hateful things….free of what they really feel is any consequence whatsoever. A nation divided seems to be a phrase that applies only to race as I see it. If you step back a little farther it encompasses far more. We are divided not only on race but education, neighborhoods, states, white collar/blue collar, religion the list goes on. I cannot think of something that has not been the topic of divided due to some sort of person or group being offended by another person or group. Once offended that feel turns not to just being offended but to downright hate and rage. Remember the Hobby Lobby thing a year ago. OK many were offended. Find another hobby and craft store. Yelling and screaming does nothing really if you really want to hurt a retailer. You stop buying their goods. Isn’t that a reasonable solution to a retail business you do not like for whatever reason? Just don’t spend your money there. People have given up their free will. A bakery won’t bake you special cake? Find another bakery. Big deal. Cops are in your neighborhood too much? Ask yourself why are they in your neighborhood so much. What is going on? Do you honestly think they want to spend all that time in there? Take back your neighborhood. Neighbors know more about they people who live near and around them then the police. I will see a news story where a teen was shot and killed at like 1:30 a.m. on a weekday night. I always ask, “why was a 16-year-old out that late?” “where were his parents?” Have we as a society given up on real life problem solving and it is far easier to rant on-line?